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Nice collection of Sms to say Happy Journey wishes, messages and quotes is your best friend and family members why don’t you send the Happy Journey Sms and wish a good luck. Traveling all around gives on of the greatest joy and fun in our life. So start your tour journey by a bus, train, ship, flight and other vehicles and share your status of traveling using short, good, funny, joy, excitement and enjoying the journey wishes. Journey Sms are shared on a Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp and Google+. We would like to share the nice collection of wishes for Happy Journey Sms.

Happy Journey Sms

List Of Happy Journey Sms

We mentioned here Happy Journey Sms please do read these Journey messages and share with your friends.

Happy Journey Sms

Happy Journey Wishes Images

Happy Journey Sms

1.Your best won’t only come from this journey, your best will come, every blessed day you live, but let’s start from the journey. wishing you all the best as you travel.

2. The Best happy journey! I am sending you prayers they will protect you all around your journey. Have a safe journey!

3. Not everyone has the passion to level it demands a lot of passion and youth, and you are a passionate person. you have the courage to level.

4.May the purpose for you are on this journey. Be fulfilled and you come home safe and sound and successful. Have a safe journey!

5. There is nothing that teaches you more than traveling in this way, you meet people, you analyze people, you understand their behaviors and you get to know how to handle things. you are on this journey.

6. Do what makes you feel good, traveling is your passion, keep traveling, my prayers are with you. Happy journey!

7. I am sending you a mickey mouse a little angel, a sweet wish, may all your dreams come true. Have a safe journey!

8. No matter where you go, no matter how hard it is, it will become easy, I wish you all the very best. Have a happy journey!

9. Just do not travel, enjoy the true state of traveling, enjoy the real passion, Have a safe journey!

10. A man without adventure is as dull as the houses with electricity, you are an adventurous chum and I wish you a safe journey.

Safe Journey Messages And Quotes

Happy Journey Sms

11. You are one of your kids, you know how to make your dreams come true. you are not a dull and boring soul, you have got the ultimate passion.

12. Each successful step in life means that there is a bright future ahead. no matter how difficult things are, and always remember to do a difficult thing to move forward.

13. The end justifies the means if we allow him knowing that regardless of what you see in the journey of life is the ability to come out victorious really install each victory desires.

14. Whatever lost knob for the occasion and it does not open on its own for those who dare to take the button a bright future when making decisions.

15. There is always enough light in the tunnel, and fight for your journey will not end in the tunnel.

16. Life and promises to be greater if we really want. and the last time I arrived, everyone deserves. so I think so.

17. Driver who spends a lot of energy to feel sorry for the last of her card, just put your trip and deals imminent. I do not think that the past can not be changed. instead of countless future by investing in their future.

18. wishes is not limited to this HSE-wide and all walks of life. health, vitality, you have to climb, what you need in your efforts even by making this trip.

19. Best not only come from this trip, your best is to come and live blessed every day. but first this trip and we wish him all the best as they travel.

Happy Journey Sms In Hindi

Happy Journey Sms

Happy Journey My dear,

Mubarak Ho Tum Ko Ye Safar

Allah Khair O Afiat Se Apko Apki

Manzil Tak Pohnchay Amin..

Khuda Ne Jab Tujhe Banaya Hoga,

Ek Suroor Sa uske Dil Mai Aaya Hoga,

Socha Hoga Kya Dunga  Mai Tujhe,

Tab Jake Usne Mujhe Banaya Hoga…

Hume Bhool Jao Hume Koi Gum Nahi,

Hume Bhool Jao Hume Koi Gum Nahi,

Jis Din Humne Aapko Bhuladiya,

Samajh Lijiyega, is duniya me hum nahi.

Tamannaon ki kaliya khil uthe saari

Khushiyon ke chaman pe ho duaon ka pehra

Meri dua rahe saath aap ke yaad meri bankar

Aur bana de aap ke is safar ko sunehra

Dhoka diya tha jab tumne mujhe,

Tab dil se me naraz tha,

Have a safe journey!

Phir socha ki dil se tumhe nikal du,

Magar woh kambakth dil bhi tumhare paas tha.

Mein takiye per sitaray bo raha hoon..

Janam din hai, Akela ro raha hoon..

Kisi ne jhank kar dekha na dil mein..

K mein ander se kaisa ho raha hoon..

Jo dil per daagh hain pichli ruto’n kay..

Unhein ab aansuo’n se dho raha hoon..

Sabhi parchaai’an hain saath lekin..

Bhari mehfil mein tanha ho raha hoon..

Mujhy in nisbato’n se kon samjha?

Mein rishtay mein kisi ka jo raha hoon..

Mein chonk uthta hoon aksar baithay baithay..

K jaisay jagtay mein so raha hoon..

Kisay paanay ki khuwahish hai k ‘Sajid’

Mein rafta rafta khud ko kho raha hoon..!

Happy Journey Sms!

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