Good Night Love Poems For Her And Him With Romantic Images

Good Night is the sweetest and most romantic time for couples. Read them and be inspired to write your heart out to express your Good Night Love Poems that talks about hugs and kisses. You can send them to your boyfriend or girlfriend via text/SMS, Email, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Very well working for the whole day long and then texting him/her good night messages means a lot. We would like to share the beautiful collection of Good Night Love Poems with romantic images.

Good Night Love Poems

List Of Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems

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Sweet Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems 

On Such a splendorous and beautiful night as this one,

may you rest and beautiful dreams about our love.

Nights would not be beautiful without the moon, the stars and your nice face,

good night and rest thinking of how nice our love is,

During my night walk, I heard someone talking to me,

the moon told me to look for the owner of my heart,

I arrive at your house now,

And I feel like wishing a good night to you, my love.

For a day to be perfect,

It must end with me looking at you and declaring my love for you,

Good night my love and rest peacefully,

with the stars shining on you,

If I had to choose an ideal minute in the day,

I would choose the minute at night I spend with you,

taking you home and kissing you tenderly,

And saying again how much I love you,

Although we are now distant,

I miss you since the day starts,

And when the day ends,

 And the night sets in smoothly,

I end my day thinking of you,

the only way I can sleep peacefully,

Is saying good night to you,

when I say it directly to you,

at the end of the day,

you will surely notice,

but you are the most precious thing in my life,

When it is time to sleep I say a prayer,

thanking god for taking care of my family and me,

asking him to give you a peaceful sleep,

I love you, good night.

your splendor lights this dark night,

Good night my love, have a peaceful rest,

 May your spirits,

be always guided by our hearts.

Sweet Dreams Poems

Good Night Love Poems

Until the dark night lost its stars,

And the moon fade its light,

there will always be goodnight

until my eyes saw its heaven,

 and my heart feel its desire,

I will never say goodbye,

Good night my love,

just saying good night to you,

is a priceless feeling for me,

just saying good night to you,

A time when can I remember you in peace,

thinking about you and my stress gets ceased,

A time when I feel so bad,

your presence not around me makes me sad,

A time can when I can dream about you,

I only want to say that I love you,

wishing you a lovely night,

good night!

As the moon is sparkling so bright,

As the radiance of the night,

it makes each sight so pretty,

It makes pretty tonight,

I am so missing you and my love,

On this truly beautiful night,

wishing you a good night,

sleep night!

The feeling of being loved,

That calmness in the air,

Your wonderful company when I am missing,

Is really and truly rear,

at this night, feeling so blue,

because I want you beside me,

As I truly love you,

wish you a good night!

from the moon struck sky,

to the beauty of the night,

from the darkness in the air,

to one pleasant sight,

missing you so much this lovely night,

wish you were here to make it bright,

wish you a good night!

Good night my princess!

wish you have lots of dreams tonight,

dreams about me,

dreams that you see of your destiny,

wish you have a beautiful night,

with some of my thoughts tonight,

I love you so much!

wish you a good night!

I may not tell you every day,

bu thought of telling you tonight,

that you mean the world to me,

you make my world so bright,

baby, I can’t live without you,

wish you a good night!

Good Night Poems For Him And Her

Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems

Good Night Love Poems

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