Bon Voyage Quotes For Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

Let you send these best wishes via text/SMS, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter or any other social networking sites. Bon Voyage Quotes should be sweet and inspirational. It should be the awesome way to kick start a travel journey. We would like to wish someone a successful journey, as they make their way for the trip. Here are providing the best of wishes and messages for friends, lovers and loved ones for Bon Voyage Quotes.

Bon Voyage QuotesList Of Bon Voyage Quotes

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Bon Voyage Quotes

Bon Voyage Quotes For Friends

Bon Voyage Quotes

Dear Friends,

Many times we would have to travel,

But the interesting ones only leave impressive memories,

That is what I wish for you on this journey,

Have a safe journey!

I may not be there to drive you,

But I may not be able to make the journey faster,

I am able to wish you a safe journey,

So I wish you a safe journey to your destination.

He who has a best is yet to see better than the best.

previous journeys might have been the best,

But this very one will be better than them all

nice trip, and back safely.

I love you so much.

 And I wish this journey be your best,

I wish it imprints unending joy for you,

may your goings be great,

and your comings are greater.

Safe journey, dear!

Everything that has a beginning sure has an end,

everybody can determine the start,

but not everyone can determine the ending,

so I leave you safely into the hands of god,

 safe journey my love.

we can choose the vehicle for a journey

 we can choose the road to take,

But we can’t really tell how the journey would go,
In all, I live you in the saving hands of  god,

that he will guide and protect you on this journey.

I got a special place for you in my heart,

that is where you will stay forever,

but it’s hurting how you are going far away,

please be back safely on time,

 For every journey you take,

I know a sure path you will follow,

and it is the path of the journey.

wish you safe arrival to your destination.

I wish I have a place for you in the stars,

and I wish I could see you close and never afar,

Bon Voyage Quotes

 Bon Voyage Messages To Boyfriend

Bon Voyage Quotes

  • Dear honey! It’s never easy to say goodbye. But I can’t bear the thought of being without you. please come back soon. and we can be together again. wish you a happy journey.
  • I am so happy you get to travel again but honestly, I wish were going with you. I am already missing you. please have a safe trip back home.
  • Dear hubby! you are the sun in my family. and now the sun is going away on an awesome trip. so while you are gone gone, my world will be like night but I look forward to your return when the sun will rise again.
  • I am so excited that you are going on this trip. you are going to on this trip. but you are going to have so much had fun and joy. knowing that you will be happy makes me happy, even though I am going to miss you so much.
  • Dear Husband! Have a fun but come back soon. every day that you are gone feels like an entire year. I love you so much.
  • They sat the distance makes the heart grow fonder and I am sure I am going to grow very fond of you while you are off on your trip.
  • Each day you are gone will feel like an eternity. and how I supposed to watch any of our shows without you. Have a safe journey.
  • Think of me fondly as you are out there in the world. I will be thinking of you here as I sit and drink coffee at our table, waiting for your turn.
  • You are going to have such nice trip and I will be thinking of you often as you are out exploring the world.
  • I will love you more each day you are gone and even more when you return.

 Funny Bon Voyage Wishes

Bon Voyage Quotes

  • Gosh, you are going in this flight named boing okay then see you soon, bye bye cartoon. Bon, voyage!
  • Thanks to you. for planning this trip and going away from us for a whole week. already feeling peaceful.
  • My dear Bon voyage! Be very careful, because people usually lose their loose their luggage in big journeys.
  • Don’t rely on your memory to store beautiful moments. indeed you have a photographic memory. but don’t forget you don’t have that film. just kidding.
  • God spare the people of the land where you are going to travel. be gentle and merciful to them. happy bon voyage.
  • No matter where your trail leads good luck and enjoy the journey.
  • As you pack your bags and leave for your holiday, I am praying that you never get lost along the way. wish you a very happy journey.
  • Your new home, your new job and your new friend’s everything awaits you. go for it, give it your best shot, only a lucky few get to live their dreams.
  • Bon Voyage Quotes! I am going to miss everything about you, your cozy house, the pool in your backyard and your mom’s apple pie.
  • You are about to start a journey to a new destination and to live a new life, make new friends, see new sights, have new experiences and achieve new heights.
  • No matter how far you go you will always have new york running through veins. all the best for your journey.
  • Please take care of yourself your belongings and your smile. come back soon. you will be badly missed. Happy Bon Voyage wishes.
  • Let there be a room in your heart learn new things of the new place that you are going to visit. hope you enjoy the journey to the fullest and learn new things.

Bon Voyage Quotes

Bon Voyage Quotes

Bon Voyage Quotes

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